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Old School Musical closed beta starts today!

Friday 11 December 2015 Ben Dimanche

We are very pleased to announce the beginning of a new beta phase for Old School Musical!

A brand new demo!

Starting today, we will regularly giveaway invitations on the official Facebook page. The objective is to refine a first version of the game that will be presented in early 2016 to promote a fundraising campaign. You can unlock up to 4 levels in exclusivity, each inspired by famous video games, such as Metal Gear. Sign up here for the beta!


And for players who would be afraid to get bored and found the game too easy up to now, we have added an extra difficulty setting: the hard mod!

giphy (1)

After we met you at some events like Paris Games Week, you asked us daily when the beta starts. So, this first beta phase is very important to us, that will allow us to have lots of feedback and ensure that the game grows as expected.  Come and join us!

In the commercial version, you’ll take control of Tib and Rob in their quest to the source of all bugs. With over 20 original levels, a scripted story mode, mini-games and more surprises…

Join us and participate in the development of the game by following us on social network like Facebook and Twitter. Also, to increase your chances to be in the closed beta, we will distribute 50 additional keys for each 100 people signing!

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