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Meet François, project manager and developer on OSM

Thursday 07 January 2016 Ben Dimanche

Welcome to the new Old School Musical update. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce each team member from the studio La Moutarde. Today, we will focus on François!

As you may know we recently started our first closed beta. If you want to join the family remember to like us on Facebook and to sign-up here!

But enough talking,  the floor is yours François!

Can you Introduce yourself?

My name is François Bertrand. I’m the project manager and lead developer for “Old School Musical”. My job is, on one side, to manage the team and help each member to give his best and on the other one to code a large part of the game.


How did you came with the idea of Old School Musical?

I am a very big fan of rythm games. I’ve been playing them since like, ever!

It started with Stepmania but I fell in love with many more like Space Channel or Vib-Ribbon. Space Channel is obviously one the video games that I cherish the most.

With all this rythm games at mind, the wish and the idea to create Old School Musical came instinctively.

What games are you currently playing?

I try to save some time to play the latest AAA like MGS or The Witcher 3. I am also a big RPG and J-RPG player. I am a huge fan of games like Final Fantasy 9, Breath Of Fire III and Kingdom Hearts.

On the side of Oldies, I do quite regularly Sonic on Megadrive or Streets Of Rage 2.

Amoung indie games, my main reference is Guacamelee. And I’m very excited by the work our friends from Midgar Studio are doing with Edge of Eternity.

Do these games inspire you in your work for OSM?

Of course, one way or another. The concept of our “Story Mode” probably comes from my passion for RPG. And as you may know, each level of the game refers to a legendary video game. So every game we play is probably inspiring and helps us create unique level for Old School Musical.

Thanks François!

See you in an upcoming update to meet a new person on the team.

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