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Meet Félix, developer on OSM

Wednesday 16 March 2016 Ben Dimanche

In this new entry, we will introduce a new member of the Old School Musical team. It’s the turn of Félix to explain us his work as developper on OSM. Together we will see his main influences, how he joined the project and his favorite games!

Besides, a new level will be added to the beta soon.  So if you want to join the beta remember to like us on Facebook and to sign-up here!

Can you Introduce yourself?

Hey, I’m Felix, I’m 24 and I am the youngest of the team. I’m working as a developer for OSM, but I am also very interested in the level design of the game.


Until now, I have never worked on a big production where you have your own very specific missions. I’m fine with it, I’m enjoying working on more varied things, not just hard-coding development.
Doing various things such as showing our game in video game events, like the Paris Game Week, and meeting the community are real enriching experiences. I also like working on various missions and it’s one of  the main reasons I like working on the OSM project!

How did you join the project?

I am the last one to have joined the project. Francois posted a message on Facebook saying he was looking for a developer. It is a mutual friend who sent me the message. I liked the project and I was looking for a project at that time so I did not hesitate to offer my help!

I arrived when the team wanted to make a serious project to secure the developement progress. I did several interviews and some tests, and here I am! We got along very fast.

What games are you currently playing?

I play different styles of games, but I do have a preference for competitive games.

I played eSports in high level few years ago, at League Of Legends. I worked with professional teams to see how it was then I slowed down because I wanted to do other things. Professional eSport requires too much time and investment to be able to play other style of video games and do other things like video game development.

However, I still play competitive games like CS:GO, Heartsthone and Path of Exile.

I also like the Storytelling games, such as “Life is Strange” and recently “Undertale”. I love to let myself be carried by a world and a story.

And of course, I’m a big fan of rhythm games! I played quite a lot of Stepmania which is my main reference with FFR (Flash Flash Revolution). Before OSM, I also really liked “Before the Echo“. This game had great ideas of gameplay,  and was the first rhythm game with a story I played.

Overall, I’m also a Blizzard fanboy. I grew up with Warcraft (I – III) and World of Warcraft in my teenage years! And as you can guess, I’m looking forward to access to Overwatch.

Which video games inspired you for your work for OSM?

I like when a game is difficult. This is one of the things I like in the OSM project, and I try my best to make it as well made as possible. Giving thoughtful difficulty is not very obvious.

When I’m working on OSM, I still have in mind “Before the Echo” It’s the kind of rhythm game which is good and original. It also had a great difficulty curve but I think it was still as difficult as I would have liked it to be.

Thanks Félix!

See you in the upcoming update to meet the last but not least person of the Old School Musical team!

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