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Meet Anthony, Artist on OSM

Monday 29 February 2016 Ben Dimanche

Welcome to the new Old School Musical update. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce each team member from the studio La Moutarde. Today, we will focus on Anthony, artist on the game!

As you may know we recently started our first closed beta. If you want to join the family remember to like us on Facebook and to sign-up here!

Can you Introduce yourself?

I’m Anthony, I’m 31 years old and I’m graphic designer and illustrator for Old School Musical. This mainly consists in proposing things to Francois, be rejected, create new stuff, be mocked, and so on until he finally agrees on something.



How did you join the project?

A few years ago François told me he was working on a video game project, something less ambitious at the time. And one day he called me and said: “Feel free to give a hand if you wish to”.
So I said “ok” and made my first level quite quickly. I started doing more and more works as a volunteer external graphic designer for the project and I kind of joined the team like that. I never heard “hey, wanna join the team ?”, it just happened naturally as we worked together.

What games are you currently playing?

Haha, I love this question! Indie devs often say they are playing video games like “Secret of mana” or “Braid“. And here I am, telling you that I play Call of Duty and FIFA!
I’m kidding but I like to play network games, because I allow myself to play during a defined set of time. I will play right before going to bed, or have a break during day work. This kind of games is cool for that: I turn the console on, I play one single game, then back to work.
And  I actually play to Rocket League and Disney Infinity.

Which video games inspired you for your work for OSM?

My favorite graphic universe has always been Megaman. I have a lot of artbooks, I’m a very big fan, especially of Megaman X and EXE. I really like all the Megaman video games and I think they graphically rock!

For OSM, I got inspired by Gitaroo-Man. This is the story of a kid who plays guitar, he turns in Guitaroo-man, he makes musics and BAM… he kills bad guys!

I think I’m inspired by all the games I’ve played in my life. Right now, I’m working on a new level and I’m drawing while thinking about Monster Hunter.

In OSM, each level is different with its own graphic universe and its own references! Before we start a new level, we usualy discuss all together. Sometime, I come up with a very precise idea of what I’d like, or François shows up with everything already set in his mind. Most of the time the new level is inspired by a particular video game like Zelda or Metal Gear Solid so we start from there.

Thanks Anthony !

See you soon in the next update to meet a new team member !

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