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Old School Musical

The rhythm game, my love

The team behind La Moutarde has the rhythm game genes included in its DNA. Lulled by Dance Dance Revolution, Space Channel 5, Gitaroo Man and other video-ludic follies, we had the deep desire to work on something similar. And since we grew up with 8 and 16-bits games, we naturally headed to this visual and audio aesthetic.


Make a rhythm game is already a challenge in itself! Working with sound is always complicated. Game engines are never ideal and  you have to deal with these constraints. We decided to push the challenge even further and make a rhythm game that is a real show for whoever plays, but also to the beholder. Thus, we have created a series of mini-games with totally different gameplay, where the success of the player affects what happens in the background. Imagine a Mortal Kombat where the characters fight in rhythm and where the battle depends on your ability to tap at the right time, a shoot-em-up where your ship fires in case of success or a zelda-like where your sword is controlled by your rhythmic skills.


Old School Musical is all of this and a lot more.

From XNA to Unity

The development of Old School Musical debuted on XNA, game creation framework created by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and PC. We then planned our own game engine, the Murdoc Engine, suitable for a simple and efficient 2D programming. Unfortunately abandoned by Microsoft, XNA is now maintained by a community less and less active and facing too many technical challenges to provide a stable game, we decided to change the framework and start over. And we chose Unity …


Unity has given us the ability to work better together and not to restrict the creation of game developers. Everyone participates, we move faster than ever and catch up the delay with this major change in direction.

Released date

Old School Musical is scheduled for Q3 2016 on several platforms.

For more informations, you can visit the official OSM website at and follow us on our Facebook page